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Week 17 a /Some doubts

I liked a lot last webinar, on the Hero”s Journey. I really want to start my journey of adventure now. I hear the call and I respond. But…there is a but…I started having doubts on my Definite Major Purpose …Actually, until now, I did not have doubts. I was convinced about it. What is happening? I am puzzled. Am I resisting the call? Is the old blueprint striking back stronger than ever? Or really do I need to change my DMP a bit to make it sound more realistic and focused? I have the impression that I wanted to include too many things in it, even if I squeezed it under 400 words, as requested. Now, when I read the DMP, I have doubts. This is not a good feeling…I think I have to meditate a bit on it, to connect with my intuition and to see what is going on. I will also talk to my Guide. No doubts on the PPNs, since the beginning of this course (uff!).

I would like also to talk about my admiration of two Heroes, as I see them. They are very different from each others, but they have in common the fact that they overcame big difficulties at the beginning of their career and in the end, they made the life they wanted. They inspire me.  The first one is an Italian singer, very popular in Italy, called Jovanotti. He started very young and became famous at the age of 18. He was a deejay, always smiling and full of positive energy. He had a problem of pronunciation, and this makes things really difficult for someone who wants to become a speaker at the radio and a singer..but he persevered until he succeeded. He always kept his positive attitude and did not mind the critics. He became famous and around his thirties he travelled around the world to find inspiration. The result was an amazing album, followed by a lot of success. Now, he is almost 50 and still one of the top singers in Italy. He kept his fresh smile and he looks much younger. He is still married to the love of his life. I think he found happiness.


The other Hero for me is Louise Hay. She is now 89 years old and has had a very rich and inspiring life. She had a very difficult childhood, but this made her the person she became. She inspires many people to take charge of their lives and she discovered the power of affirmations in the nineties. Her work is amazing. I truly admire her for her intuition, for her energy and for sharing all these discoveries with all of us. I read some of her books, so the exercise with the mirror here in the Masterkey, did not surprise me. It is something I am used to do, following her instructions. There are a lot of guided meditations from her on the Internet and I think that they are fabulous!What a gift and a blessing! She is a visionary, so modern, anticipating many things with an amazing clarity. Love her!! She is a model, a Master!! Check it out:


Om shanti, Om peace.

Week 17 What an exciting life!

I am back on track!!! I feel again that everything becomes so easy and smooth in my life. I know that this is linked to me being faithful to the exercises…so, even if sometimes it can be hard to stay focused, I urge myself to just do it NOW and everything starts to flow again.

Since the beginning of this course in September, I feel happiness and ease in my every day life.  Even the bad weather in Belgium during winter does not bother me anymore! This is truly an achievement, because in the past, I could not cope with the lack of light and energy in that country, during this period of the year…I changed my perspective and everything around changed as well, really amazing! I tell you a secret: I put on my DMP the following sentence “my life is full of sun and light”, because this is very important for me and now, it works!!! I know that I learned the lesson now…it took me 13 years of life here, but now it worked. So, I can move on! I am free!! I was always wondering what brought me to live in Northern Europe, as an italian…I was supposed to do a stage of 3 months and I ended up staying sooo long. Many nice things happened here. I met my husband and a lot of good friends, I started practising yoga…what a blessing! I found here my true passions:  I became a yoga teacher and a painter. At the same time, I am still the lawyer that was working at the European Commission. 3 years ago, I had the courage to leave that job, because I was unhappy there, and I decided to follow my bliss. This course is taking me more and more farther in my path. During the meditation, I gave myself the permission to be happy, and it worked! Thank you Mark for reminding us this! It was the right moment for me to do that.

I see kindness everywhere and now I added courage and enthusiasm. I hope that you see the enthusiasm in this post! I am totally enthusiastic about life and about this Masterkey course.

There are a lot of “aha”moments in my life right now and many things start to really make sense. Almost every day I get a nice surprise and my eyes now are wide open to embrace the beauty of life! I feel so energised! Things start to flow easily to me, exactly what I needed, when I needed and in some cases, even beyond my imagination {as explained by Haanel so well}! I experience how powerful are our thoughts, creating this new exciting reality. As yoga and paintings are my present focuses, I meet new interesting people all the time, especially, guess what? Artists and  very spiritual Yogis. I am inspired and grateful.

What a wonderful world!

Week 16 Kindness in action!

Little by little I am back on track, but still not yet there. I feel overwhelmed, especially because I have to catch up with the Digital Connections webinars and this is stressing me a bit. I am astonished how much the Christmas holidays affected my daily routine, I have the impression that I have to build it up again. I find myself a bit lazy sometimes, and it is the first time, since I started. Anyhow, I like this part of the Masterkey system: we are all requested to look everywhere for kindness this week and to be kind as well. This”exercice”made me realise that we literally live in a world full of kindness! I really got emotional, sometimes, even in the street. I opened my eyes and my hearth to kindness and I felt reassured, because I saw it everywhere. I liked a lot also the fact that I searched actively for situations where I may be of service. As a mother, I do a lot of things for the family, that everyone takes for granted. I think that many can relate to that. I would like now that this gets noticed, not for an Ego thing nor to get special gratitude by the family members, but because it is nice to have eyes wide open on good and nice things, to appreciate them. It can be a minor thing as a big one.

I noticed kindness in children: again, they are masters also in that! The more I progress in this course, the more I understand that we have all to become like kids again to rediscover the beauty of life, of joy, of kindness, of living in the present, of having big dreams…I personally learn a lot from them. When I teach yoga to children in the school, I am often exhausted after the class, but I am always full of impressions and of sweetness. This is really a wonderful job. So fulfilling and so different from the job I had before, as an official in the European Institutions…When they see me arrive in the school, they run towards me and they hug me-a real group hug-, making it impossible for me to move. How nice is that? I enjoy each and every moment with them. We laugh a lot and they have always original and creative ideas. How come that as adults we become such closed and sometimes sad persons? There is a lot of cement to get rid of to come back to such a beautiful state, which is our natural state…I remember a song that we chant often after practising yoga [the mantra chanting is called Nada yoga and is a part of yoga that is not so well known in the West], it says: “From joy I came, for joy I live, in blissful joy I melt again”. When we sing that and we repeat it, I feel that it is the Truth and I always get emotional. Let’s repeat this mantra again and again in our head, let’s sing it, let’s live it! Be kindness, be joy.

Om shanti, om peace.

Week 15 Back on track

Hello everybody! I am back to the good new habits and to my Friday blog post! For the first time of my life, I am happy that the holidays ended. Not because they were unpleasant, on the contrary, but because during the last week in Italy it was very challenging to keep up the good work done the last 3 months. I was lagging behind with the reading, the sit, the webinar…not to talk about the mental diet and the Digital connections! I am planning to catch up with everything and I started immediately when I was back home. I am getting better and better, but the Gal in the glass was quite disappointed with my performance this week. In any case, I know that it happens frequently, Mark J. talked about that in the webinar before the break. So, I do not worry too much. I know I can do it and quickly, also because I noticed that I became much more efficient, since the beginning of this course. This is a wonderful gift among all the others! The more I advance in the class, the more I appreciate it. I love also the make over: I really want to improve in all those important areas!!! On the other end, I start to fear the moment this course will finish..what will I do? I do not want to go back to old bad habits..I really wish to continue this course my entire life, because I know that 6 months are not enough to cancel all the years of wrong thinking.  So, if this is my desire, then I will certainly find ways to stay attached to this wonderful community. I am so grateful for all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Apparently, the gratitude exercice is working, hihi. I would like to come to the event in Kaouai and I set the intention. I also detach now a bit from the results and I will see what will happen. If it is meant to be..it will be. If not, then next year in France.

I wanted to share something on choosing the shapes for the index cards: I noticed that I had no hesitation on which one to put down for each sentence! I really think that the subconcious mind was directing me and I noticed it. It was a big AHA moment. After those months spent to look for shapes, now I feel that they are part of me and of my inner world. Now I can really see in practice how the subby works and how it takes the lead over the conscious mind, when needed. Wow, this is truly amazing. Did it happen to you too? I am interested to know if you experienced that, too.

To finish, I just want to add that during the Christmas week in Italy, even if I was not faithful to the exercices, something very important on my DMP materialised with no effort from my side. Everything happened in the most natural way, like the events were leading me to my goal, easily. The biggest Christmas gift ever! Especially, because one of my PPNs is Spiritual Growth, so, this is a special, magic moment of the year to make it happen. I feel so happy that I just wanted to share it. Again, I experienced what is written on the Blueprint builder: the persons will be willing to help me, because of my will to help them.




Week 14 – Fun!

The holiday season is always a moment of reflection, as I have more time for myself, but it is true that it’s more difficult to do all the exercices, as the daily routine changes. I did my best to be faithful to the assignments, despite a lot of distractions. I keep in mind the quote from Haanel: “Knowledge will not appy itself” and I keep on repeating it to me.

The idea of watching the movies is really good! I liked a lot “Wild”. There was the element of the Hero’s journey at the discovery of the Inner Self. For some people, travelling alone may be a challenge that will make them reflect at a deeper level on their life, so it ends up changing their lives, as they come back from the journey completely transformed. Some other people may attain the same result, without moving from their room, by meditating deeply and contiuosly for some days. It is certainy hard, the body screams, but it is equally hard for the people that travel around in rough nature.

Practicing daily gratitude is really powerful. I make my children doing the same at the end of the day, so we discover how lucky we are and, most importantly, we do not take it for granted anymore. My hearth sings of joy each time, am I starting to be addicted to it? Replacing old negative peptides with brand new ones? I really notice that my life changed already quite a lot, everything becomes easy and much fun! I laugh much more and I actively search for more moments of joy with my kids.

May 2016 be a year of fun and laughter for all of you.


Week 13 – Peace of mind

I start this post, by saying that I am grateful for the Christmas holidays, because they give me time with the family and friends, but also because I can test more the change in my mind and in my life. I am still amazed by my calmness during this period, where most people run into the shops to buy presents, to prepare meals etc etc. I did not want to be part of that and actually everything was made by itself,  with minimum committment from my side. An example? I had 6 persons from the family coming over to stay in my house for a total of 10 people: I prepared everything, meals ,beds etc so easily, that I could not believe it. Everyone was helping me and we even had a family yoga session together! Another example concerning the presents:some of them were bought by my husband and the others by a family member that proposed herself to me without asking! Wow!! Of course, my toe operation helped me to avoid all this stress…so it was a good timing for it 😀

I really feel peace in my mind, no battle anymore. I even had compliments from the father of my husband, because I am sure he realised that I was positive and non judgemental with him, as often he is criticized. This is for me the proof that thoughts are powerful vibrations that the other persons receive, even if we say nothing.  I also noticed that I became a better listener, as I did not give opinions. I observed the others giving theirs, without judging them. I am proud that I keep my good habits especially in this period of distractions, but most importantly, I can now concentrate more on the essence of Christmas, that has nothing to do with all these consumerist and materialistic things.  The sit helps me to stay grounded and centered, developing more one of my pivotal needs, that is, you may have guessed it already, spiritual growth.

The 2016 will be a marvellous year for me and for each of you.  How do I know that? Because I think so! It is my reality and it will become true, thanks to this course that we are doing.

Happy holidays!!!